Polybutylene Pipe Replacement and
Water Service Repair

Polybutylene pipe is also known as “water service pipe”, “yard service pipe” or “poly pipe”. It is installed underground and delivers public drinking water from the street into your home. Polybutylene pipe is commonly used in and around homes the Baltimore metro area. Additionally, some polybutylene pipe is installed in the interior of homes forming the home plumbing system, but it is less common in the Baltimore area. Polybutylene pipe is blue or gray plastic pipe manufactured by the Shell Oil Corporation. It was installed in homes between 1978 and 1995, generally in new home construction. It was also used to replace water service in older homes. Chlorine in our drinking water (which is added to sanitize) reacts with the polybutylene making the pipe flake and become brittle. All polybutylene pipes will fail for this reason and the question is when, not if, it will happen. Polybutylene pipes seem to fail more often when the seasons change as a result of the ground temperature changing, causing the pipes to expand and contract aggravating the weakness.

How can we know if we have Polybutylene Pipe in our home?
Here are some ways you can tell if you have polybutylene pipe for your water service
Look at where your water service enters the home and see if there is any blue plastic pipe.
Some polybutylene pipe is entirely buried underground and we would have to come out and check for you.
Other clues that may determine if you have polybutylene pipe
Your home was constructed between 1978 and 1995
Suddenly you notice that your water bill is much higher than usual
Your neighbors have had polybutylene pipe replaced
There are wet patches in your yard
Your sump pump runs too often, even when the weather is dry
The front wall of your basement is damp or wet

Trenchless Water Service Replacement.

Should I have my polybutylene pipe replaced proactively?
There are several advantages to being proactive about polybutylene pipe replacement

Being proactive protects your home from possible breaks in your foundation wall, water damage, mold, and potential exterior damage to sidewalks and driveways.

Being proactive protects the sale of your home as home inspectors often will notice polybutylene pipe during an inspection. Most buyers will negotiate the replacement of the pipe before purchasing the property or may walk away from the sale.

Being proactive avoids likely excessive water bills in the hundreds of dollars.

Being proactive avoids the expense of an emergency repair.

Why choose Lessner Plumbing to replace your polybutylene pipe?
We offer a trenchless replacement process for almost all of polybutylene pipe replacement projects. This allows us to replace the pipe without digging up your entire yard!
Our polybutylene pipe replacements come with a 10 year warranty on materials and labor.